DRMP’s Principals are all committed to creating an integrity-based firm that delivers quality projects through a partnering project approach, which provides the flexibility to work with a diverse group of clients and the communities they serve.  Internally, each of DRMP’s Principals believes in instituting a learning work environment to engage employees in developing their professional careers and knowledge to become an essential part of the professional pulse of our organization.

DRMP’s Principals have been with the firm for more than a decade, which provides established leadership to guide DRMP through its forward-thinking business strategy and day-to-day operations.


Wayne Chalifoux  
Wayne D. Chalifoux, PE, President
Wayne joined DRMP in 1982 as a project engineer in the stormwater division and has progressively advanced his career over the past 25 years to his current role as President of the firm.  One of his largest tasks was to assist in starting a Transportation Division for the firm. Today, Wayne guides the direction of the firm and ensures the implementation of the business plan is carried out. His personal vision for DRMP is to become a leading consultant firm that serves the southeastern United States in a diverse array of technical disciplines and markets.
Don Barton  
Donaldson K. Barton, Jr., PLS, Principal
Donnie joined DRMP in 1986 as a survey technician and became the Principal-in-Charge of DRMP’s Survey and Mapping and Subsurface Utility Engineering Division. He has always been a pioneer of DRMP’s office growth and is now focused on overseeing Risk Management and Corporate Administration including Information Systems, Accounting and Facility Management.  Donnie’s personal vision for DRMP is to continue to gain a presence in the southeastern United States as a provider of quality consulting services and to eventually become a nationally recognized firm.
Glenn J. Lusink, PSM, Principal
Glenn has a long tenure with DRMP after joining the firm in 1984 as a survey crew member. Today, he serves as Principal-in-Charge of Surveying and Mapping/Geomatics and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Division.  Glenn has been instrumental in expanding DRMP’s survey and mapping/geomatics and SUE practice throughout the southeastern United States.  His vision for the firm is focused on continued growth in the geomatics and civil engineering industry through innovation, modern technology and inspiring the future leaders of the firm.

Jon Meadows  
Jon S. Meadows, PE, Principal
Jon joined the firm in 1986 as project engineer in the beginning era of DRMP’s Expressway Department and became Principal-in-Charge of our Transportation Division.  Today, Jon is Principal-in-Charge of DRMP’s Marketing, and Business and Client Development.  His personal vision for DRMP is to continue on the pathway of smart growth for the firm, to develop DRMP’s thought leadership and to leverage our industry experts.
Mark D. Prochak, PE, Principal
Mark began his career at DRMP in 2001 as a Senior Project Manager in the Transportation Division. He has successfully served as a Project Manager on major limited access and highway design projects. In addition, he has supported DRMP’s successful design-build projects and pursuits. He is Principal-in-Charge of DRMP’s Transportation Division including its regional engineering offices.  His personal vision for the firm is to guide the Transportation Division by mentoring staff, helping to provide quality engineering solutions, and to continue growth in the regional engineering offices.

Mark E. Puckett, PE, Principal
Mark was DRMP’s first full-time Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) employee.  Starting in 1999, he led the start-up and growth of our CEI Division. Mark will continue to focus on the overall growth of the CEI Division as Principal-in-Charge. Additionally, he will be responsible for the management of DRMP’s Quality Assurance Program. His vision for DRMP is centered on strategic growth of the firm while instituting a quality level of service that is measurable companywide. 

Larry Smith  
Lawrence L. Smith, Jr., PE, Principal
Larry joined the firm in 1987 as a civil engineer in the stormwater department.  As Principal-in-Charge of the General Civil Division provided him the opportunity to serve the private clients of the firm. Today, he is Principal-in-Charge of engineering services including our practice fields of General Civil Engineering, Structures, Water Resources/Ecological, Geographic Information Systems as well as the oversight of our new Federal/Department of Defense Services. His personal vision for DRMP is to continue to grow at a steady pace, provide internal growth for employees and continue to become an industry leader.
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