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Founding the Firm
DRMP was founded in 1977 by a group of engineers and surveyors who recognized a new trend formulating in the marketplace. By providing a collaborative approach of their firm’s professional services, their clients were beginning to appreciate and expect the consistency and continuity their projects received. To continue providing these quality services, it was only natural to join forces permanently into one full-service company with a strategic path for expanding services, geographic reach and employee base.

These four founding partners were William B. Dyer, PE, Robert A. Riddle, PE, Russel L. Mills, PE and Armand “Larry” Precourt, RLS.  Each of these partners had all owned a business independently and practiced in their professions since the 1950s.  They opened the doors at DRMP with approximately 25 employees and focused efforts on providing engineering and surveying services to the land development/private sector. 

Expansion of Services in the 1980s
In the early 1980s, additional shareholders were brought in to expand and lead the company to begin providing services in the Transportation, Environmental, Utilities and Water Resources Industries.  DRMP also began serving the public sector at this time. 

Technology Jumpstarts Production
Computer Aided Design and Drafting was beginning to emerge as the chosen plans production and DRMP was at the forefront of incorporating this new technology.  By hiring an ITS professional, DRMP began implementing CADD as a new standard of electronic drafting.  As the software and hardware evolved, training staff and hiring staff with CADD qualifications was prevalent. 

Changing Leadership in the 1990s
In 1992, three founding partners, Mr. Dyer, Mr. Riddle and Mr. Precourt, retired.  Mr. Mills as President of DRMP continued to guide the firm with the assistance of several appointed vice presidents.  Also at this time, DRMP’s Principals had been achieving positions on the Board of Directors.  Wayne D. Chalifoux, PE joined the board in 1993 followed by Lucius J. Cushman, Jr., PE, Jon S. Meadows, PE and Steve L. Precourt, PE in 1996.  DRMP began expanding its geographic reach by opening an office in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Moving Forward at 20 Years
Our last founding partner, Mr. Mills, retired in 1997 at the company’s 20-year mark and all company oversight was shifted to Donaldson K. Barton, Sr. who became President.  In 1999, two more of our Principals, Donaldson K. Barton, Jr., PLS and Lawrence L. Smith, Jr., PE, joined the Board of Directors.  Another monumental change occurred in 1999 when Mr. Barton, Sr. decided to retire and upon his departure, Mr. Chalifoux was appointed as President.  DRMP’s board members, Mr. Barton, Jr., Mr. Cushman, Jr., Mr. Meadows, Mr. Precourt and Mr. Smith, Jr. became its Managing Principals.  DRMP added a new service of providing Construction Engineering Inspection services at this time.

With this new leadership in place, the Board began to set a new focus for DRMP and its employee-base of just over 100 persons.  Their objective was to create an organized path for expanding DRMP’s services, geographic reach and employee base.  In 2000, DRMP began steadily expanding by opening an office in Jacksonville, Florida to better serve its Northeast Florida clients.  The year 2001 brought even more office openings in Fort Myers, Tampa and Tallahassee, Florida.  The largest expansion milestone at this time was an office opening in Charlotte, North Carolina, which launched DRMP into becoming a firm that served the southeastern United States.  The next couple of years showed promise as DRMP added two more office locations, one in Chipley, Florida and the other in DeLand, Florida. 

In 2005, as part of the business plan for further expansion, William T. Stone, PE joined DRMP as a Managing Principal to handle mergers and acquisitions for the firm.  Through his direction, DRMP underwent its first acquisition by acquiring a surveying and mapping firm, Burch Surveying, in Fort Myers, Florida.  This acquisition gave DRMP the opportunity to offer surveying and mapping services in conjunction with our already established engineering services for the Southwest Florida region.  DRMP was also increasing its presence outside of Florida at this time by opening an office in Columbia, South Carolina.

In 2006, we added four more office locations to better serve our increasing client list.  Those offices were opened in Gainesville, Pensacola, Lakeland and Boca Raton, Florida. 

30 Years and Counting

At the 30-year mark, DRMP began a fresh start in a newly constructed corporate headquarters building located only five miles from its original location in Orlando, Florida.  The new location brought together all staff located in Orlando under one roof and provided a custom-designed building. 

In early 2008, Steve L. Precourt, PE stepped down as a Principal at DRMP in order to focus on his newly elected office as a Florida House of Representative for District 41. 

DRMP continued expanding in North Carolina by opening an office in Raleigh in 2014 offering construction engineering inspection services and added transportation and traffic engineering services in 2015.  Another office was opened in Melbourne, Florida to serve as a hub for DRMP’s Federal Services.  The end of the 2015 year marked a major leadership milestone with the addition of three new Managing Principals, Glenn J. Lusink, PSM, Mark D. Prochak, PE and Mark E. Puckett, PE. 

In 2016, long-time Managing Principals, Mr. Cushman, Jr. and Mr. Stone retired from DRMP after many years of service and remain on the DRMP Board of Directors.

Today, DRMP is proud to be ranked annually in Engineering News Record’s “Top 500 Design Firms” and remains focused on the same core principles it was founded upon - expertise, quality, leadership, trust and respect.

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